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Bachelor’s Degree Program “Russian Cultural Studies and Cross-Cultural Linguistics”/ «Лингвострановедение России»

What is the program about?
The program is designed to prepare future professionals in Russian Culture, History and Area Studies capable to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural environment in the changing world.

Starting their studies in English, students gradually acquire profound knowledge of the Russian language which becomes a key to the first-hand understanding of the country’s culture and values.

Linguistic terminology and specific language skills acquired by our students enable them to easily analyze and create professional and media texts, read “behind the lines” and deduce culturally marked background information.

Who can apply for the program?
English speaking students are invited to apply for the program, where they will gain skills to overcome cross cultural barriers and advance their knowledge in the field of Russian studies through learning and practical usage of the Russian language.

What are career opportunities of the program graduates?

The program graduates can work in business, government or industries as experts on Russian Culture and History. They can also specialize in translation and interpreting or teaching Russian as a foreign language. Research in Linguistics or Guiding Business are also the options. Internship is organized with MGIMO partners that function in banking, Oil and Gas, government and culture sectors.

Where is MGIMO-Odintsovo Campus located?
The Campus is situated to the West of Moscow, near Rublevka area, 35 min drive from the Center of Moscow in the ecologically friendly environment with a developed infrastructure. The outstanding most modern facilities of the Campus include an innovative Sports Complex and the Hotel.

Program Majors
- Russian Area studies and Cross-cultural communication
- Russian History and Culture/Arts
- Teaching Russian to the Speakers of Other Languages
- Interpreting and Translation

Program Bonus
Our students benefit from unique opportunities of the original Tele-Communicative Projects Tasks they receive as a number of courses are taught jointly by MGIMO University and University of Georgia (USA) professors in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement between MGIMO University and University of Georgia (UGA).


The Academic Supervisor of the Program

Professor Valentina Ikonnikova, PhD

Field of Research: Semantics, Lexicography, Socio-cultural Linguistics, Terminology Science, Anglo-American legal and educational terminologies.

1994-1995      Participant Student of High School Exchange Program with Lincoln High School (Portland, OR).
2001               University degrees in Education, Linguistics and Law.
2005, 2014     PhD in Linguistics (candidate 2005, doctoral 2014).
2003-2017      Tutor, Lecturer, Associate Professor at Moscow State Pedagogical University (Department of English                                     Lexicology).
2009                Visiting Professor at Southern Arkansas University (Magnolia, AR): lectures on Russian History,                                             Culture and Arts and the Russian Language (levels A – C).
2016-2018       Director of several international projects with University of Georgia (UGA, Athens, GA) such as                                               University Partnership Program (MGIMO – UGA)
2015                Dean of the Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication, Odintsovo Campus,                                               MGIMO University
2017                Supervisor of current activities under Cooperation Agreement between MGIMO and UGA (e.g.                                               Telecollaborative courses for students of Linguistic BA and MA programs on Cross-Cultural                                                     Communication and History of Russian Art).

Who teaches the Program courses?

The Program brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding modern tendencies in Area Studies and Linguistics. It gives a spectrum of opinions on Russian Cultural Studies, Interpreting and Translation, Russian Foreign Policy etc., with a curriculum drawn from across the University’s divisions.

Our tutors and lecturers are experienced in participating and implementing academic and cultural exchange programs, lecturing at Russian, American and British Universities.

Professor Maya M. Polekhina, PhD
(academic supervisor, the Russian Language section)
Professor Karina G. Chiknaverova, PhD
Irina A. Mazaeva, PhD
Ksenia Logunova

2009-2010   Participant Students of Telecollaborative Courses with UGA
2016-2017   Participant Tutor of the University Partnership Program (MGIMO – UGA)
2017            UGA-MGIMO Projects Coordinator: Telecollaborative courses for students of Linguistic BA and MA                                          programs on Cross-Cultural Communication and History of Russian Art

UGA professors are also involved in design and teaching of the Russian Cultural Studies program.

Supervisors of Telecollaborative courses MGIMO-UGA 2018:

Professor Asen Kirin, PhD (UGA, History of Russian Art)
Professor Valentina Ikonnikova, PhD (MGIMO, History of Russian Art)
Dr. Olga Thomason (UGA, Russian-American Cross-Cultural Communication)
Ksenia Logunova (MGIMO, Russian-American Cross-Cultural Communication) 

Former politicians, diplomats, businesspeople and experts in other professional fields share with students their knowledge. See for example:

Dr. Petr V. Menshikov 

For general information please see: http://english.mgimo.ru/admission/application
Deadline for application is August 31st, 2018.
Languages of application: English, Russian

1.Evidence of the English Language proficiency for applicants whose first language is not English.
We also recognize the value of practical experience, so please talk to us if you do not meet the academic criteria above as each application is judged on its merits. Language groups of different levels will be formed to meet the students’ requirements.
2. Evidence of academic qualifications: detailed academic transcripts showing grades;
3. A 2 page CV;
4. Personal Statement (Motivation Letter);
5. Academic and/or professional references.
6. Photocopy of your ID
7. Photo of an applicant

MGIMO-Odintsovo Campus
Admission documents should be sent to: v.ikonnikova@odin.mgimo.ru and vaikonnikova@gmail.com
Don’t hesitate to call:
+7 (495) 661-71-98 (Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication)
+7 916 327 00 63 (Academic Supervisor of the Program)
+7 (495) 661-7133 (Odintsovo Campus Admissions)

Learn more about the program
Contact us:
Professor Valentina Ikonnikova, PhD
Odintsovo, ul. Novo-Sportivnaya, 3, office 516a.
+7 916 327 00 63

Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication
+7(495) 661-71-98

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Визит ректоров четырёх ведущих университетов Турции в Одинцовский филиал МГИМО

   20 февраля директор Одинцовского филиала МГИМО С.К. Васильев принял делегацию ректоров четырёх ведущих университетов Турции: Босфорского университета Мехмеда Озкана, Анкарского университета Эркана Эбиша, университета ТОВВ экономики и технологии Адема Шахина и ректора университета Иноню Ахмета Кызылая. В ходе переговоров, в которых приняли участие директор Благотворительного Фонда Андрея Карлова В.Д. Солоцинский, а также заместители директора МГИМО-Одинцово С.Н. Кривощапов, Е.А. Козловская и И.А. Мазаева, турецкие гости рассказали об основных направлениях деятельности своих университетов, познакомились с образовательными программами Одинцовского филиала МГИМО.

   Участники встречи выразили единодушное мнение о необходимости установления тесного сотрудничества между турецкими университетами и университетом МГИМО. В заключение визита ректоры турецких вузов ознакомились с кампусом МГИМО-Одинцово.

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Особенности изучения иностранного языка в кампусе МГИМО

   Заместитель директора МГИМО – Одинцово по языковой подготовке – И.А. Мазаева на прошедшем Дне открытых дверей рассказала будущим абитуриентам о системе преподавания иностранного языка.

Кампус МГИМО представили в Минске

   Делегация МГИМО в составе заместителя декана факультета управления и политики Т.В. Ярововой и директора колледжа М.В. Воробьевой приняла участие в международной выставке "Образование и карьера", которая проходит в Республике Беларусь в городе Минске.

   Здесь представлены известные белорусские вузы, престижное образование за рубежом, подробности о сегменте подготовки специалистов IT на разных ступенях образования.

   Большое внимание посетителей выставки «Образование и карьера» привлек стенд МГИМО. Многие выпускники Минских средних учебных заведений и родители отметили, что только на данной выставке у абитуриентов есть возможность подробно познакомиться с МГИМО и его образовательными программами, достоверно узнать о правилах поступления в Горчаковский лицей МГИМО и колледж.

   На выставке представлены программы и для студентов и выпускников, которые хотят выбрать магистратуру или второе высшее образование; программы дополнительного и последипломного образования, курсы по повышению квалификации и правила приема для поступающих в магистратуру и аспирантуру.

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