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MGIMO University at Odintsovo launches an innovative English language Bachelor’s Degree Program “Intercultural Communication: Russia’s History & Culture”.

Одинцовский кампус МГИМО открывает набор на инновационную бакалаврскую программу на английском языке “Межкультурные коммуникации: история и культура России”.


Moscow State Institute of International Relations, MGIMO ODINTSOVO

General Information

MGIMO University campus at Odintsovo is located in the prestigious Moscow suburban area “Rublevka”. This is the area of choice for the President of Russia and most of the Federal ministers. Located at a 25 kilometer distance from the Red Square, the new campus is noted for healthy country-side environment and an efficient transportation system bringing you to downtown Moscow in half an hour.

This autumn MGIMO University at Odintsovo is glad to launch a new undergraduate program «Russian Culture & History».

MGIMO University Program “Russian Culture & History” will provide answers to many of these questions. We are aware that mastering a language is crucial if one wants to grasp the peculiarities of Russian culture and civilization. This is the reason why, during the first two years, students will have to go through an intensive Russian language course, though the rest of the Program will be taught in English. Graduates will use the Russian language for in-depth study of the Russian history and culture in the third year.

Who should enroll in the Program? The Program may be of interest to those who are curious about Russia, its language, history, culture, ethnical diversity, foreign and domestic policy, political system, law and economy.

Our Curriculum
Each course is a balanced combination of practical training and theory delivered by experts in a specific field. Case studies and master classes by prominent business people and politicians go hand in glove with traditional lectures.

Economy and politics of Russia, the foreign language, culture and history are all intertwined in a seamless blend of expertise of the Program. The study of Russian culture and history provides a though understanding of the country’s realties, policy and economy.

In order to familiarize students with the regional authenticity of Russia, there will be study trips to Krasnodar and Sochi in Southern Russia, to Kaliningrad – Russian western enclave in the Baltics, and to Vladivostok in the Russian Far East. Besides there will be shooter study field trips to Suzdal, Vladimir and Novgorod.

The course duration is 3 years and the degree awarded is a BA.

First & Second Year (all courses are taught in English)
You take compulsory core courses along with optional courses.

Core Modules
• “The Russian Language”
• “The History of Russia”
• “The Culture of Russia: Architecture”
• “The Culture of Russia: Fine Art”
• “The Culture of Russia: Theatre & Ballet”
• “Russia in the Global Policy and Economy”

Optional Courses
• “Modern Russian Government and Politics”
• “History and Politics of the USSR”
• “Soviet Foreign Policy under the Cold War (1950s-1980s)”

Third Year (courses are taught in Russian)
• “History of Russia in 18-21 century”
• “Russian Law, State and Legal Culture”
• “Russian Literature in 19-20 Centuries”
• “Russian Philosophy”
• “Russian Orthodoxy”
• “Ethnic Arts & Folklore”
• “Traditional non-Christian Denominations in Russia”

Upon completion of the program you may want to further your qualifications in one of MGIMO master’s programs.

The courses are assessed by a written and oral examination before winter break and at the end of the year. Besides, students write a Supervised Dissertation in the last year.

Day in and day out our students enjoy a deep and meaningful academic dialogue crucial to the Russian tradition of comprehensive education. Each course brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding Russia, developing skills useful for a whole range of careers and activities.

Studying Russian Culture and History you will develop analytical ability to understand the present and the past of this half European, half Asian country. It will explain the choices, examine the concepts and values and look at what is next for Russia. How classic Russian literature impacts the way of thinking of the world’s biggest country? Is Russia an emerging economy or a frontier one? Has the Russian language changed after a decade of post-Soviet economic and political turmoil?

We provide an intensive multi-disciplinary training in the Russian language - 18 academic hours weekly; the School also provides a number of elective courses to develop “Knowledge about Russia” -- getting to know the peculiarities of doing business in Russia, psychology of ethnic relations in Russia, Russian political culture, key political trends and conflicts.

The program equips students with knowledge and skills required for employment or graduate studies in international relations, government and public policy, law. Training courses also aim to develop the essential skills of academic writing and public speaking. Our curriculum is designed to help students better understand their role as global citizens who will live and be employed in an increasingly internationalized, multi-cultural environment.

MGIMO UNIVERSITY “Russian Culture & History” is a highly flexible degree allowing you to shape your career and activities through it. You can explore a variety of disciplines under the overarching History and Culture – for example you can specialize in Russian politics, in economy.

As a graduate you end up with a broad sense of Russian history and culture, and a good command of the Russian language.


MGIMO University at Odintsovo offers second to none resources to support students. We are glad to provide computing facilities to help you with your academic work. The library provides academic resources and spaces for study. We have outstanding sports facilities including 12 specialized gyms and a 25-meter swimming pool.

Career Opportunities

Our B.A. program prepares students for successful careers in both the public and private sectors, including government, non-governmental organizations, transnational business, etc.

The School has dedicated careers advisors to support our students during their study. We organize careers events to bring relevant employers and students together and maintain a network of support among alumni and current students of the University.

Students will also have access to MGIMO careers service offering advice and training not only in furthering their careers upon graduation, but also with placing its students in internships during the last semester. The School's Careers Centre will allow employers directly to target students for recruitment.

Tuition fee and Deadlines

Tuition fee: 650 000 RUR per year. It covers tuition, library services, and free use of sports facilities. Students can book accommodation at MGIMO Odintsovo on campus 3- star Hotel (see the website) at an extra cost of 100 thousand RUR for 10 months.

Deadline for application: July 15th, 2017.

For more information and application instruction contact us at the following e-mail addresses: s.vasilev@odin.mgimo.ru or msp@odin.mgimo.ru, or call us at +7 (495) 661-7133

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